This is a new project, in a development stage.
Our main goal is to talk about Rural tourism and turistic activities in/on and off thEsE 3 islands of Azores.

Triangle concept
The islands of Faial, Pico and São Jorge are a potential by nature, or wasn´t this triangle, geographically well placed and easily accessible.

The Daily maritime connections allow that in 30 minutes you get from Faial and Pico, 45 minutes is enough to head to São Jorge.

The perfect symbiosis of three islands… Earth where man is confused with nature. Who likes green and calm certainly will find here the right therapy for the soul. The quality tourism and welfare.

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of entering the Cruzeiro das Ilhas (Islands Cruise): the wind brushing against the face, the smell of the sea, watch the dolphins jumping right there next to you.


pico island
The majestic Pico Alto at 2352 meters is the highest in Portugal, makes the island of Pico characteristically different from the other islands.

The Pico is the island which lies further south, about 8 km from Faial, 15 km from Sao Jorge, 80 km and 100 km from Graciosa and Terceira.

While the colossal High Peak, with its surrounding highlands, is located in the western part of the island, another massive with dozens of volcanic cones, lakes, grasslands and forests, occupies most of the eastern , reaching at several points to altitudes above 1000 meters.

The story is related to Pico and Faial, due to its dependency on the neighboring island for many years and still today is administered Faial - this explains the fact that Madeleine be considered the only major village, but not the capital of Pico island.

São Jorge is a beautiful island and it deserves our visit. It?s coves are outstanding, the calm which transmits it?s rural character, a character of great beauty, its geological wealth, a tourism "go out inside” ... all these are reasons more than enough to justify a trip to the island.

Not forgetting of course, that almost the entire island can spot St. George. Faial ... cosmopolitan and lively. Has the opposite mountain. As she lies with it rises and even the deepest mist is able to waive this idyllic setting.

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